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February 2013

Strange lawn growth in Autumn

Thursday , 21st Febriuary 2012

I recently mowed our lawns on the 10th of February and the grass has grown very much in the three weeks since then though it is autumn. In the spring and the summer the grass grows only a bit in weeks. I was amazed at the effect of the autumn weather. I am very puzzled with the difference of the effect of the present weather. There has not been a lot of rain and not continuous sunshine.

Today there was a lot of clouds so there was less sunshine than usual so I was happy to work outside to mow the lawns. The result of the mowing was to produce lots of clippings and the lawns are now what they should be quite flat.

I have told my doctor that I don't walk a lot into the town because walking in the roads has bad effect on my legs. I did tell him that I would mow the lawns with a hand pushed motor mower to get the exercise I need. I am amazed that pushing the motor mower does not give me leg problems probably because holding the mower handle supports the body so the exercise is good.

More personal problems

Wednesday , 20th February 2013

Yesterday I was reviewed by Doctor Harradine about my memory problems.

He had said that he thought I was not suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia when he first tested me some time ago. I was impressed with that opinion because I had told him that my memory problem was simply taking several seconds or a few minutes to bring forward all the memories which were still in my brain.

He had recently had a report from the Imaging Company which had done an MRI on my brain for him.

They said that they had seen physical problems in my brain in the language area. He thought that this was the cause of my memory problem.

Dr Harradine scripted for me some medication which I found was treating Alzheimer's . I was horrified because it was possibly going to create some problems in the body of the patient.

This causes me some great difficulty doing some of my volunteer jobs. I may decide to resign from these jobs in addition to my resignation from the Assistant Secretary role on the Barraba Community Development Committee.

Maybe I will reduce some if not all of my volunteer work in Barraba.

Revised: 1st March 2013

My resignation

Saturday , 16th February 2013

I have been told that the new executive of the Barraba Community Development Committee (A TRC sub committee) agreed with the TRC officer that my work as the Assistant Secretary was unnecessary.

I was very impressed in the past because I did lots of very good work and my work in this role was much appreciated by the previuos executives which included Danny Ballard and Sarah Marrett. I was glad that I was doing good things for the committee.

I am unhappy that the new executive and the TRC officer wanted me to drop the work.

I resigned from the role and because I was unhappy about the new ideas and I resigned from the CDC as well.

I will continue to do work in other volunteer jobs in Barraba unless the same thing happens in the other organisations.

Variable weather

Wednesday , 6th February 2013

The weather this year has been very variable.

We have had lots of very dry days which have caused some odd effects on the lawns.

The birds which used to come to our back lawn to feed had stopped doingbthat probably because the lawn was not able to give them significant food.

Some days we have had very significant rain.

That has caused a lot of growth on the lawns.

The birds didn't come back to eat on the lawn.

Because the grass and the weeds grew a lot, I had to mow the lawns again.

After that the birds did come to eat on the back lawn which was very impressive.


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