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December 2013

Xmas Family Gathering

Sunday, 29th December 2013

We had some wonderful visit from lots of our family from other places.

The Fitzhardings from San Francisco had gone to Sydney for Xmas day and had come to Barraba last Friday.

Alain Chalmers had come from Brisbane to sydney and then to Barraba.

Iain Chalmers and Rachel from Newtown in Syndey had come to Barraba and now they had gone back home,

We had morning gatherings in the Play House Hotel Cafe and we were very pleased to have a wonderful family gathering there.

I showed them all a wonderful pair of photos of my parents who are Grand parents and Greta Grand parents for some of the family.

I congratulated Andrew Sharp and Hadon Witten about the wonderful effect of the play House. and they were pleased.

Central School Awards

Tuesday ,10th Dec 2013

I went to a meeting which was about awards to students in Barraba Central School at noon in the RSL Hall in Barraba.

I made a presentation to a girl who was the most helpful volunteer at the JRC Breakfast Club in the Primary School.

She was Nicola O'Dell and I gave her a prize because she was recorded in my computer as the greatest contributer this year.

I chose to speak to all the audience about what I was doing and what Nicola was due to.

I didn't use the microphone and my loud verbal presentation was confirmed by lots of people in the audience including some in the back of the hall.

My loud speech was working very well and I was pleased with my effort and happy that everyone heard me.

Monday 30th December 2013
We have had a good year in 2013 and we are looking forward to a wonderful year in 2014 comming soon in 2 days.

We love liiving in Barraba because it is such a marvelous town.

This is the most beautuful part of Australia

A lion guy came here some time ago after walking from the west coast of Western Australia to Cape Byron on the east coast of NSW and he came back up the great dividing range to get to Barraba to stay overnight in the Carravan Park in his tent.

We took him to the chineses restaurant in the Bowling Club.

W chatted with him and he told us that he had lots of experience of the country parts of Australia.

I read his blog the following morning and he said that after so much travel in Australia he found this area was the most beautiful part of Australia.


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