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October 2013

The Bunya Pine leaves problem has not been solved.

Wednesday ,30th October 2013

I visited the local Council office this morning and the lady there told me that I would be getting a letter from the Council Head Office which would tell me that they would not have their staff help me by taking my bin to the Barraba Rubish tip.

Rather that asking some of my friends and neighbours to do that for me I decided to put the leaves in a garden rubbish pile on the notrth side of our back lawn.

More problems with the leaves of the Bunya Pine Tree

Tuesday, 29th October 2013

We had a strong west wind today which made the Bunya Pine Tree drop a large number of twigs with dangerous leaves on them on the pavement under the tree and on the road of Gotha street.

I had asked the concil to take the full bin of leaves to the tip and they had not done it yet.

I had to use another container, A lawn mower capturing bin.

With the strong wind I had to pick up many dozens of twigs.

I hope the council guys will again take the bin to the tip and return it to my house soon.

Trying to kill weeds

Sunday , 20th October 2013

I was unhappy with a lot of green weeds on the north side of the back lawn.

I bought some more herbicde and added it with some water to my big sprayer;

The weather was pretty summery and I was over done with the sunshine and the heat so I needed a shower.

Saddly the electricity had been stopped this morning because they were repairing the high volyade supply to Attunga, Manilla, and Barraba. Because the rain water tank pump couldn't work, I had to change the kitchen and bathroom water supply to town water. The shower worked OK.

Later the electricity came on again and I reset the kitchen and bathroom water to the rain water tank pump which was working again,

Removal of the bunya pine leaves.

Monday , 14th October 2013

I was impressed this morning to see that the green bin which was full of bunya pine leaves had gone. Sadly I didn't meet the council guy who was doing what I asked.

Later in the morning I saw the bin back and it was empty. I didn't meet the guy again.

I went to the Council Office and thanked them and told them I would put the Bunya Pine leaves from the ground in the bin again and I would tell them when it was full again so that they could arrange to have it taken to the tip, emptied, and the empty bin returned to my house.

Problems with the leaves from the Bunya Pine tree

Sunday, 13th October 2013

Some long time ago I put the leaves in the gutter and asked the council to collect them and take them to the tip. I was pleased when the did that.

I don't do that now because the wind tends to blow the leaves to other places where they might create some injury to other people so putting them into a bin will reduce the risks.

Now I have been collecting all the dangerous leaves fallen onto the gouund under the Bunya Pine tree and I have put them in a Green Bin I have taken from my back ganden.

Because I haven't got any way to take the bin to the tip I wrote a request to the council to get a guy to take the bin to the tip and empty it and return the empty bin to my house.

I have had a lot more leaves to put in the bin since I made that request. The bin is now nearly full but the council has not arrange for a guy to empty it in the tip yet.

I will have to go to the council office soon to ask them why I still have a problem.

Lawn mowing

Friday , 11th October 2013

I decided to mow all the long grass in the back paddock.

The paddock is a big area and it took me some significant time.

I also used the mower to fix some of the problems in the back lawn.

Later in te afternoon I saw a magpie eating in the back paddock.

Perhaps the bird appreciated my mowing


Wednesday , 2nd October 2013

I worked on the kitchen roof to try and get all the rain water from the house roof into the rain water tank.

I hope we will get some more heavy rain so that the rain water tank will get fuller. It is presently just under half full.

The rain water pump had failed recently so I had to change the water supply to town watrer.

I wanted to get the rain water back into our supply.

I had to replace the non working power leads to the rain water pump.

II bought a new cable from Barraba Rural Traders, Karl provided what I needed to fix the pump.

After a few hours of work I got the pump to work every time I turned on a tap in the back lawn and in the kitchen and the bathroom.

I was happy to have succeeded in this area.

Heavy rain

Tuesday , 1st October 2013

In the mid afternoon today some heavy rain came to Barraba.

I was able to check the effect of what I had done to improve the water into the rain water tank.

Sadly I saw water leaking from the back deck gutter which reduced the water going into the rain water tank

When the weather is good. sunny, rain free, and light breeze, I will try and check what I had done to see if I can improve it.

I have not yet fixed the power to the rain water pump because no rain ensured that the rain water tank was not full and the weather was not suitable.

I will try to do that as soon as I have good conditions.


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