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Feb 2012

My Life in Barraba is presently complicated

Tuesday 28th February 2012

The recent wet and sunny weather has resulted in extensive growth of all plants in Barraba including my lawns.

I have committed myself to doing my lawn mowing with a new hand push motor mower regularly so that my failure to walk every day to deal with my wellness which is because my legs complain about lots of walking will not affect me. I have been mowing the front lawn and half the back lawn several times a week but I haven't been able to do any mowing on the back half of the back lawn. It has grown very log which made it too hard for my new mower.

Today I got a business card about a local lawn mower from one of the shops and I rang him and asked him if he would do my unmown lawn. He said he would come down the street and look at what I needed and would offer to do it. He has been working hard with a big whipper snipper for nearly two hours so I am most impressed with his work.

I might have to mow that part of the lawn soon to get rid of all the clippings but it will be relatively easy for me with my new mower and I will get some more exercise so it will be good.

The weather at the moment it sunny and dry which makes this kind of work OK but just a bit sweaty after which I have a shower to get back to good condition. At least it is not OK for this kind of work when it is raining.

Revised: Saturday 3rd March 2012

Another 21st century problem

Thursday, 9 February 2012

On Monday night at the Community Development Committee meeting, one of the members read from a document she had written which included a statement that the Tamworth Regional Council had told her that all property owners were responsible for the work on the verge between their property and the road. My first response was the idea that the Council must be responsible for the work on the crown land in front of our properties.

I thought that either she was telling lies or the TRC were telling lies and I decided that I needed to follow the Australian Skeptics motto "Seek the evidence" :- whatever you hear or read you need to get evidence that prove that it is true or not true.

I chose to go to my solicitor to ask him how I could get the appropriate evidence. He agreed with me that there might be untruth in this statement. He gave me information about how to get to the laws and regulations on the government internet sites. I was impressed that he was happy to give me the necessary advice.

I will try and get the evidence so that I can prove the truth or the lack of truth in this statement.


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