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March 2014

My work

Monday, 31st March 2014
I had to mow the lawns, they had been dried after the rain by the sunshine. I did all the front lawn very well and just tow thirds of the back lawn. I had a pain in my back so I stopped and I was sweaty because the sun had been shining. I had a shower to get better and I had to launder the cloths I had been using in the work. Sadly the sunshine is not complete so those cloths are still trying to dry on the washing line.

My present situation

Saturday, 29th March 2014

I have been doing lots of things to maintain my house. The weather has been less that good over the last few weeks. Today is a wonderful weather, sunny and dry. My work has been about maintaining the positive issues in lots of areas.

I have vacuumed the carpets every day. And I have been cleaning the plastic flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen.

I have also been looking after the cat, Chico which presently belongs to Sarah but it insists on living here.

I have arranged for it to live in the back deck in my house.

In the evening I close the cat flap when he is there so that he has to stay in there over night. I usually open the cat flap in the morning so that he can go outside.

Sadly he does go out and often, he moves to the front door to be allowed into the house. I let him in and then put him out again on to the back deck.

I am very happy to be living here because everything I need, meals, showers, toilets, and over night sleeps.

Because I have lost my driving licence I do a lot of walking to special shops in Barraba.

I do get some of car journeys to places I need to go in Barraba and in Tamworth. I am very happy with the assistance I get from my daughters and sone in law and my grand daughter.

Today Sarah took me to the Play House Hotel Caffe in the morning and she wiil take me to the Play House Hotel Theatre this afternoon to see a film. Andrew Sharp told her that it was not ready for us


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