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January 2013

Check on some local rain.

Thursday , 24th January 2013

We saw some rain under clouds outside the town and I decided that I would drive there to find out what the rain was like.

I drove along the Woodsreef Road and went up Tiabunda Rd and found that there was no rain there so I turned back and drove east along Woodsreef Rd again.

I saw some indications of rain under clouds so I drove north along Mackintyre Rd and after several kilometres I was rained on with very heavy rain. After some distance the rain reduced to quite low but a few km later the rain became very heavy again. That continuued right up to the end of Mackintyre Rd at Gulf Creek Rd.

I took Gulf Creek Rd to the west and was rained on a bit less that heavy and had to cross quite a lot of water running across the road. At the end of Gulf Creek Rd at Fossickers way just north of Cobadah I was happy to get on the clear highway. A bit later before I got to Cobadah it started to rain on me again. All the way back to Barraba it was a bit rainy. When I was close to Barraba I saw several lightning flashes over the town. When I got home the rain was quite heavy. I found 15mm in my rain gauge so I assume that the rain had started long after I had suffered rain on my drive.

Wonderful Concert

Thursday , 17th January 2013

Last night I went to the PlayHouse Hotel Theatre for a concert by the Jazz Band Galapagos Duck.

I was impressed because I had been to a Galapagos Duck concert which I had enjoyed in the PlayHouse Hotel in 2009. I had also enjoyed a concert by this band in Taronga Zoo in the mid 1990s.

Last night I was very impressed with their preformance. After the concert I congratulated the four musicians because of their great performances and I told them that I was made very emotional by some of their music and I told them about my previous attendances. I think they were happy with my presentation.

I have looked up their website and found that the membership of the band has altered between all these concerts. Obviously the new members do very well.

I was so happy to have attended such a good concert at the PlayHouse Hotel which I believe is a wonderful cultural centre in Barraba.

Visit to Horton Falls

Friday , 4th January 2013

Today my daughter Rachel wanted to take her family and me to Horton Falls because they visited there last January when the were staying in Barraba.

We all went in her car up the Trevallyn Rd and along the back road the the Horton Falls National Park. When we reached the picnic area she parked her car and we all went down the steep track to the top of the falls.

The river was just dribbling because our rain has been very little this summer.

She and her duaghters took their shoes off and paddled in the shallow river just before the falls.

Jeremy took his camera with him to the top of the falls.

Rachel complained that he might fall down the cliff and be injured or killed if he didn't keep himself away fron the edge of the cliff.

She was happy when he came back to where we were when he had taken all the photos he wanted.

We all struggled up the steep track to the picnic area. Rachel took us up in the car to the lookout which gave us a view of the second falls.

We were all impressed with the beauty of the area and we were pleased that Rachel had taken us there.

Finally we all got in the car again and she drove us back to Barraba.

New Year Day

Tuesday , 1st January 2013

I have modified all the archives here today because it is now the new year.

We are still having a great family gathering because our youngest daughter Rachel with her husband Jeremy, & her daughters Claire & Julia are still in Barraba.

They are staying in the Playhouse and we all go there when they have breakfast and we are happy to get marvelous latte coffees there.


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