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August 2013

Jean's Health Problem

Wednesday, 21st August 2013

Jean has been referred to a surgeon in Tamworth, Peter Gairardi who used a esophagusoscapy to check a problem she had swallowing food and medics.

He eventually decided to add a stent in her esophagus to help her.

He did remove some items and had them tested with bioscopy. The result was a suggestion that she had some cancer in her esophagus.

He referred her to Doctor Seems a famous doctor in Tamworth.

She was being cared for in the Tamworth Base Hospital. She has mow been transferred to Barraba Hospital for care. This makes it much easier for us to visit her because driving to Tamworth isn't a problem but it take lots of time and driving efforts.

She is being sent to Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney next Tuesday and back next Wednesday. That is where Dr Seems used to work

Mark MacAlpine whose sister in law has cancer and he told me he had got some information from the internet about appropriate medication.

Revised: 25th August 2013

A Laundry Problem

Sunday, 11th August 2013

The weather was very clear this morning so I did a lot of laundry.

At one time about two thirds of the laundry were dry because it had been very sunny. Sadly some of the laundry didn't dry on the washing line because some clouds came across and stopped the sunshine.

I took this stuff into the living room and put them on a clothes rack I had put in front of the gas fire.

Happily these had dried quite well in a short time so I was able to take them back into the bedroom putting my stuff in my wardrobe.

In my 1st of August blog I had suggested that the winter was not staying bad.

Todays weather was very springy early in the day and turned back into winter weather in the afteroon.

My outside thermometer had recorded a warm high temperture in the morning which had dropped into a cool temperature in the afternoon because of the cloudiness.

I am looking forward to the Spring and the Summer because they will probably be very pleasant.

RedCross Branch Annual General Meeting

Sunday, 4th August 2013

Last friday, the 2nd of August we had the AGM od our Barraba Red Cross Branch.

I was impressed because the President and the Treasurer had arranged another Secretary instead of me but they nominated me as the Assistant Secretary and I was elected to that position.

I gave my card to the lady who is the new Secretary and I asked her to get in touch with me giving me her contact details so that I could negotiate with her what I should do.

I remember being the assistant Secretary of the CDC, the Tamworth Regional Council Community Development Committee, and I was congratulated by the President and the Secretary for my regular contributions.

I was amazed recently because the Tamworth Regional Council decided to change the way they were reacting to the CDC and later they cancelled our CDC and the CDCs of all the others out of Tamworth towns in the Tamworth Regional Area.

I was told that the Council was unhappy about the resolutions from the CDCs. The CDCs were subcommittees of the Council to deliver the views of the communities in these towns. I am convinced that this decision of the Council was a demonstration of its inability to do always do the right things.

The weather in Barraba is improving

Thursday, 1st August 2013

We have had fewer frosts recently and we have have some good sunny days.

Of course the winter will last just another month until the end of August but we are very happy with the reduction of the winter weather now.


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