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Novemer 2013

Bad thunderstorm

Saturday 23rd November 2013

Today I was working at the Barraba Artisans' and Farmers' Market.

Barraba was suffering from a bad thunderstorm which created lots of rain where we were working.

There was a significant south wind which created lots of rain on our tsbles.

I got very wet clothes which I had to change when I came home.

I think the storm created lots of problems in Barraba.

I had to remove lots of dangerous Bunya Pine leaves from Gotha Street mostly in the road.

wild animals

Friday , 22nd November 2013

I have been convinced mostly when going along the Fossickers Way to Tamworth or back to Barraba that there are no wild animals on any of the properties beside the highway.

A few years ago we saw a small kangaroo cros the highway in front of our vehicle near the Split Rock Dam road.. That was only once that we saw a roo.

One time we saw a couple of dead echidnas on the side of the highway on red hill. Some of the Barraba people told me that they often saw liv echidnas in Barraba. I have never seen any of my favourite wild animals here. We saw some when we were driving the motorhome ad I was very happy to see them at Taronga Zoo when I was a volunteer .

This week on Wednesday coming back from Tamworth we saw a big lizard running across the highway south of Barraba between Tarpoly Creek and Reh Hill. I was so pleased to see this. When we were grey nomads in the Motley motorhome we often saw lizards where we were driving. We were very happy to see wild animals all the time

I have a theory about the properties beside Fossickers Way. I suspect that the farmers often kill all the wild animals.

Lawn mowing

Friday ,15th November 2013

Both the lawn mowers wre not starting when I needed to mow the lawns.

Today I thought that the mowers were not starting because the spark plugs had failed.

I went to the Barraba Rural Traders shop to buy a replacement spark plug for the Parklander mower.

I fittted the new one and the mower started as soon as I filled the fuel tank.

I started on the front lawn and made it very good in a short time.

I moved to the back lawn and carried out a lot of mowing. I had the fill the fuel tank twice.

When I finished the back lawn I was pleased that it now looked very good.

Problem with a thunderstorm

Monday, 11 Nov 2013

I have been spending many times to remove the dangerous Bunya Pine leaves from the pavement and the road.

This afternoon we had a thunderstorm.

It created a lot of dangerous leaves from the Bunya Pine tree.

I had to pick up the leaves and I got quite wet with the rain from the thunderstorm.

That made me quite irritated.

My great happiness with my friend Viki Samin

Tuesday , 5th November 2013

I visited Viki in her house in Barraba after she had come back from grey nomad travel.

We had lots of happy hours with Vicki and John at Higway Wanderers Cahpter of Camper Van Motor Home Club of Australia when Vicki was the President of the chapter.

We were members of the chapter when we were grey nomads in the Motley motorhome.

We were invited by Vicki to visit their at her new house in Barraba.

We spent some time camping in their drive way and we fell in love with the town in the few days we stayed there and we decided to buy a house so we were shown a lot of houses by the Real Estate Agent at Landmark.

I appreciated the house at 43 Gotha St Barraba because the back yard was a great place for the Motley to be parked.

After we owned the house we had some of our grey nomad friends visit Barraba and we had them parking in our back yard.

I now talk to the RV visitors to Baraba in our towns free camp site when I am promoting the Barraba Friendy Town scheme.

I usually tell them that our property is a free campsite for our grey nomad friends and they are impressed with that.

When John Samin died we went to his funeral in the church in Barraba.

When I was talking to Vicki recently she told me that she was spending a lot of time with the Highway Wanderers but she was unhappy to stay in the house in Barraba without John so she will sell it and move to Rockhaampton where some of her children live.


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