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August 2012

Some Good Maintenance

Friday , 24th August 2012

We have been having problems with our gas water heater.

The problem was that the hot water would briefly get warn or cool . I eventually realised that the hot water would get slower on occasions. I thought that the reduction in the water flow could cause the reduction of the hot water temperature.

I eventually discovered that the rain water tank pump would sometimes slow down for a short time. My observation revealed that this only happened in the hot water. Not ever in the cold water. I couldn't work out if the cause of this was in the water heater or in the pump.

I decided the replace the pump to find out if this would remove the bad effect.

The work of installing the new pump was a complicated plumbing and power supply activity.

When I did the installation I found that there were water leaks and the electronic controller indicated that the power was on but also showed a "failure" indicator light. I found that the pump was not working so I got some help from the guy in the hardware store who had sold me the new pump. I fixed all the leaks but the "failure" indicator still lit. I guessed the the power connection to the pump was not working properly because inserting the plug was very hard by hand. I used some tools to force the plug in and suddenly the "failure" indicator went off and the pump began working.

I tested the performance and found that the cold water and the hot water works well and the hot water temperature stayed hot.

I will observe how the system works in our shower where the earlier problem was so unpleasant. I hope that the original good performance will return with the new pump.

A very difficult maintenance task but a very happy result.

Happily the shower is now working properly which proves that the new pump is doing a proper job.

Revised: 25th August 2012

Trips to Tamworth

Thursday , 16th August 2012

This week I had several appointments in Tamworth and I had to go two days running.

The first day, Tuesday I had brain MRI at an image company in Tamworth. After that I had an eye test to see if I would benefit from new spectacles. Happily I was able to drive back to Barraba early in the afternoon which means I avoided getting bad sunshine into the car.

The next day, Wednesday, Jean and I both had appointments at the Hearing Company in Tamworth.

Because I had an early appointment with the tech guy in the Telstra shop in Tamworth, I had to leave Barraba before 9 o'clock which meant that I had to leave the school breakfast club before it was over. I was lucky because my colleague Mark was able to finish the event after I left.

Our hearing tests both resulted in changes. I got my hearing aids adjusted and Jean ordered a new one which we will have to go and get when she has an appointment with her dentist in Tamworth early in September.


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