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September 2013

more lawn mowing

Wednesday , 25th Septenber 2013

Because both the lawn mowers were working I started the Global Machinery Company (GMC) mower other than the Parklander mower to mow the back lawn well to get rid of the longish grass and the long weeds.

Sadly I also had a problem with water from the rain water tank, I guess the power to the pump needs correcting again. I put the town water intio the kitchen and bathroom. I hope the repair of the pump I can do in a day or two will get the rain water back into the kitchen and the bathroom which will save my having to buy more spring water from IGA.

Lawn mowing

Sunday , 22nd September 2013

Ian Marrett came to our house and fixed the starting of the Parklander mower. He took me to the petrol station to get some lawn mower petrol.

I mowed the front lawn and tried to do the back lawn. Eventually the mower ran out of petrol and when I added some more I could not get it started so I didn't do most of the back lawn.

I asked Tony Spencer comes on wednesday to take both my mowers to his place to do the necessary repairs but I have told him that they are both working OK so I sugested that he didn't need to come and collect them. He was happy because he is busy with some other ride on mowers.

I was pleased that Ian helped me to get the mowers working.

Revised: 15th Nov 2013

Problem with my lawn mowers

Friday , 20th September 2013

Because the spring weather has grown the lawns I tried to mow them today but neither of my mowers would start.

I got in touch with Tony Spencer who is the local mower repairer. He offered to come here next Wednesday in the afternoon to take both the mowers to his place where he can do the checking and the repairs.

I will be impressed when he succeeds with the repairs which will give me the ability to do the mowing of my lawns.

Increase in the modification of the gutters

Wednesday 18th September, 2013

I modified a piece of timber to fit in the gutter and then I added it to the gutter at the edge of the kitchen roof and I fitted it with Blue Tack to make it work as a good reducer on water flow.

When it rains again I will check the performance to see if it is helping all the roof water to get into the rain water tank.

Check on my maintenance jobs

Monday, 16th September 2013

It rained today and made my walk into the town a bit unhappy.

When I came back home I cheched the result of my change on the back deck roof.

Sadly the back deck gutter was still leaking.

I checked the water flow into the rain water tank. It was ok but not a lot.

I will have to do something to correct the problem on the back deck roof. Perhaps a modificatio to the gutter is necessary.

The weather forecast suggests that it will rain a fair amount in a few days so I will probably get some more evidence.

Some maintenance jobs

Sunday 15th September, 2013

Because the rain water tank became empty a long time ago I had to get the plumber to replace the pumped tank water with town water.

Recently I had checked the content of the rain water tank and it is now about half full. So I had a plumber replace the pumped water to the bathroom and the kitchen supplies.

I had seen news suggesting that we would be rianed on soon. I was unhappy with the effect of the back deck roof because it caused some of the roof water to leak from the back deck roof gutter which reduced the rain water going in the rain water tank.

I climbed up on the roof and added an extended pipe to the back deck gutter output to ensure that the water would all go to kitchen roof and direct to the rian water tank. I hope that what I did will be proved good when the rain comes.

I also needed to replace the water filters in the kitchen. I needed to buy an oil filter wrench so that I could release the filter containers and replace the filters.

I was pleased to do such inportant maintenence jobs today.


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